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The Importance of Employee Management Software in a Modern Office

Former chairperson and CEO of Xerox Corporation, Anne Mulcahy, once said,”Employees are a company’s greatest asset- they’re your competitive advantage. You want to attract and retain the best; provide them with encouragement, stimulus, and make them feel that they are an integral part of the company’s mission.”If you are an organization that uses the Internet for everyday business practices, then there should nothing stopping you from going one step further and applying technology provided on the Internet to employee management.Under piles of workloads, appointments, and meetings, it often becomes understandably difficult for a manager to give employees the time and attention, encouragement and stimulus that they deserve.
Making use of a company’s greatest assets – its human resources – to their fullest potential sometimes means adopting technology that efficiently tackles time constraints, management challenges, a employee dissatisfaction.Has it Ever Worked? Yes!Ever wondered what goes into making candy? The answer should be a large number of very satisfied workers. Or at least that’s what the Jelly Belly Candy Company of California believe.The family-owned company takes its employee performance and job satisfaction very seriously.They recently decided to make the switch from its antiquated talent management process to a far more modern and automated system that uses an employee management software to provide accurate performance appraisals.The result?The new automated employee management system has allowed for a more standardized, organized, and formal evaluation process at the Jelly Belly Candy Company.Greater accessibility between employees and managers, better training programs, and more efficient performance appraisals have all allowed the company to reach its business objectives without compromising on employee satisfaction.The Different Tools of an Employee Management Software1. Maintain a database for all your former and current employeesComplete, searchable, and secure records that includes information such as the employee’s personal details, bank details, emergency contacts, and even a record of his/her sick leaves.2. Reduce the paperworkAn efficient employee management software will allow employees to request time off, submit timesheets or documents and allows employees to audit or approve submissions or requests.
This negates the need to work with HR or submit unnecessary pieces of paper.3. Keeps track of time and attendanceEmployees and managers have an instant record of absenteeism and the number of hours put into work everyday. This allows employees to be more responsible and stay on top of their punctuality and absenteeism rates before it becomes in issue.4. Total RewardsSome employee management software apps allow managers to provide their employees with rewards (financial or non-financial) for good performance.Employees can access their total reward statement through the software, and this often becomes a powerful way of keep individuals motivated and driven.5. Expense ManagementAn incredibly useful feature of most employee management software is that it allows staff to scan or photograph and upload receipts onto a database, therefore allowing managers and employees to keep a permanent account of all expenses.6. PayrollA simple app can process payroll on individuals online based on the number of hours they have put in with just a click of a button.7. Asset ManagementWhen an employee leaves the company, managers can keep track and monitor the return of any equipment that was provided to the employee by the organization.8. Shift PlanningIn an organization that depends on perfect timesheets for its smooth functioning, a tool that schedules the staff, eliminates shift conflicts, and notify employees of work shifts automatically can prove to be extremely convenient.9. Track progress of the companyInformation is constantly being constantly being collected on the employee management software, making it easy to gauge the company’s progress.
Instead of having to spend time putting together reports to see how the company is doing, a quick look at the information on the software should allow managers to constantly and accurately track the company’s progress.The Benefits: Employee Engagement and Satisfaction1. Providing constructive feedbackNeither managers nor employees look forward to performance reviews, often a once-a-year event that makes an employee feel like a school kid receiving a report card.Surveys have shown that employees dread annual performance reviews and are therefore less likely to respond in a positive manner to the feedback that is given.An employee management software allows managers can control how frequently and in what format they would like to provide feedback to their employees.Performance appraisal reports can be replaced with configurable dashboards and messaging systems, resulting in feedback that is constructive, efficient, and perhaps flows better with the rest of the company culture.2. Setting goals and motivating employeesAn employee management software makes it easy to remind employees of their goals and drive them towards developing skills and meeting deadlines.This structure also allows employees to work more independently instead of being micromanaged by a manager or HR professional.3. Better accessibility and communicationTime constraints, clashing schedules, and increasing workload makes it difficult for employees and managers to communicate.This can foster resentment and misunderstandings, with managers sometimes being too harsh in their judgement of employees and employees sometimes feeling like they have been judged unfairly.Employee management software avoid help companies avoid such issues, and can help managers clearly communicate their expectations from an employee.4. Better employee-manager relationshipsEmployee management software takes away some of the pressure, anxiety and stress that is often observed between managers and employees.It allows for an environment that encourages low stress communication and help employees and managers work together towards meeting organizational goals.To summarize, an employee management software provides an organization with a plethora of tools for better management, while simultaneously focusing on employee satisfaction and engagement.
If used correctly and to its fullest potential, employee management software provides a company with an automated, efficient management system and a healthier work environment.

Yoga And Wellness Retreats – A Bliss For Our Health

Stress can be a major factor when considering your health problems. If you’re an adult living in a big city or working for a big company, certainly you feel that your life is being overtaken by routine. There are a lot of ways to approach such a problem. A lot of people practice sports, like jogging or tennis and others try to spend more time with their friends and family.Most of us however rely on our yearly vacation for relaxation and recharging of our batteries. And the best tip you’re going to get about where to spend your holiday is to go to a private yoga retreat. Apart from the relaxation and the beautiful landscape, these places will offer you more benefits, like improving your health, both mental and physical.Yoga is an ancient set of therapeutic techniques which are meant to help the mind handle stressful situations with ease. Besides the spiritual and mental training, the special exercises help to enhance the body posture and to increase the overall health and well-being of the body. After using yoga to relieve stress and strengthen our bodies, we will feel younger, more alert, and our mental capabilities will be improved. These exercises can also do wonders for our immune system, which in turn means that we will have to confront a lot less often with common illnesses, like colds or allergies.Going to a yoga retreat will be much more than just going to a spa. You can look at it like a holistic wellness retreat, offering everything your body, mind and spirit need. After such a holiday, you will learn to understand your behavior and change it into a more positive one, develop a positive way of thinking about yourself and the rest of the world.There is a difference between yoga holidays and retreats however. If you are a beginner or just want to learn more about these practices, while combining them with leisure activities, you might want to try a yoga holiday. If, on the other hand, you are already a fan of yoga and want to become a teacher or instructor yourself, then a retreat will be more suited.

How to Use Reiki and Aromatherapy For Healing the Mind, Body & Spirit

The healing benefits of Reiki and Aromatherapy pure essential oils combined are well known and respected world wide. Reiki is an ancient form of hand on healing using only energy and the palm of your hands. Aromatherapy pure essential oils are extracted from herbs, flowers, trees, and plants that have outstanding healing properties. When combined together the healing properties can be extremely beneficial and heal on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.Reiki energy is of supreme intelligence and knows intuitively where energy is needed to heal the body. All that is required for Reiki to be successful is to place your hand on the recipient and request the energy to come forth for the highest good of all.Reiki and Aromatherapy are both forms of pure vibrational energy healing, which have powerful healing properties and have been used for centuries – long before traditional medicine was available.The oils may be mixed with oils or cream and place on different areas of the body or burnt in an oil burner. When burning pure essential oils always follow correct procedures for using oils and do not over use, 1-3 drops in a burner is sufficient.As an aroma therapist I do not recommend people place any pure essential oil directly on the skin unless you are qualified, as severe reaction or intolerance may occur.When using oils always ask the recipient if they have any dislike, allergy or sensitivity to the oils you may wish to use, prior to commencing a healing.If you are not familiar with essential oils I recommend you read information about the oils you intend to use, especially the contra-indications prior to use.I personally find the oil burner the safest method of using pure essential oils although candles, pillows and oils and creams are very popular alsoPure essential oils most beneficial when performing Reiki.1. Lavender:Aromatic healing properties – a tonic with relaxing effects, headache, menstrual pain, analgesic, antibiotic, acne, antiviral and anti-inflammatory.Lavender oil is very good for those suffering from emotional pain or are sensitive and easily hurt, or distressed. Lavender promotes a feeling of calmness, strength and confidence whilst Reiki is building and strengthening Life Force Energy.2. SandalwoodAromatic healing properties – relaxation, dry sensitive skin, infections and antiseptic.Sandalwood is excellent for inducing relaxation and confidence plus building trust.3. Clary SageAromatic healing properties: asthma, anti-spasmodic, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory muscle relaxant, digestive tonic, stress, tension, menstrual cramps.Clary Sage is beneficial to open blocked channels which need healing. Warning do not use Clary Sage Pure Essential Oil in Pregnancy