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Buying Qualified E-mail Lists Plus Few Tips

This sub-topic is extremely important for you to read, especially if you are a beginner!Buying qualified e-mails can be very profitable and can mean lots of sales to you. At first I must tell you that before you step into and take action you must optimize your site for the best conversion rates. Read the Landing Page article and test some ideas!A qualified visitor is someone who is interested in your topic or maybe in your products. Before buying an e-mail list consider how qualified are these people on the list. For example if they subscribed because they would like to teach their dog and you have a Dog Training Course for sale is not the same thing as if they were subscribed only because they would like to receive tips about how to keep their dog healthy. The qualification is much more different! Be selective and buy only those list which is highly qualified to your product or service like the dog Training Course.There are lots of scammers and poor services in this area however if you just started in e-mail marketing then it would be a very good option for you to start your e-mail marketing campaign and build up your OWN list.Before buying a list from a list provider always contact them and ask how did they got that list because most of these so called provider’s lists are1. Too old2. The addresses doesn’t even exist anymore3. They got the e-mail illegally4. The e-mail address didn’t allow them to send messages and blocked them out through spam blockers.Do not fall for the numbers like “E-Mail 3 million people!” If you see something like that leave immediately! Do not fall for flashy testemonials! A list of 1000 to 15000 people is reasonable. If your conversion is only 5% it will be still a very good money!One of the great sources where you can find good lists is DM news . I highly recommend to visit them regularly to read and learn. Keep yourself up to date!When you buy the list contact the list provider and ask as much as you can about the subscribed people. Where did they subscribe, what offers did they take, how long are they on the list etc. The more you know about the PEOPLE behind the list the more successful you will be!Be sure to pay great attention when you e-mail the list first! Design your e-mail professionally. Do not make it long! Introduce yourself and be kind! Throw them few very useful tips about your topic, and tell them how their life can be much better and easier when they visit your site!Yes you heard it right! Do not try to sell anything in that e-mail! Just tell them in a few almost unvisible sentences that you have a product too. There are meny people who want to sell them everything. Be different! This is a key fact! The sales are the objective of your landing page and website. Just be sure to attract them there!Your site should be interactive. Where the visitors can do free things. You should make the the time enjoyable to keep them coming back. A good idea would be if you own a website about dog training to setup a chat or forum there where people can discuss their oppinions and experiences. Did you know how much time a person averagely come to a site until he or she buy anything? That number is 4-5 so pay great attention to keep everyone coming back!I have great tip for the end of this article. What if you wouldn’t have to deal with spam blockers because you would e-mail the client directly? This is exactly what you can do with Desktop Marketer. This is a program from which is a brilliant idea. When you use this program people just download a small e-mail software and you will be able to send messages to this software directly. This is not a cheap software but worth its price! You can even make the subscription to a list like that more valuable by giving it a small monthly price. Like $10 or $15 especially if you give away very useful and unique info or a course. This way you can even create more qualified lists!This the end of the e-mail marketing article series. I hope you learned useful things. Of course there are much more in E-mail marketing then in this article series so do not be shy to learn and develop yourself every time! Visit DMnews regularly and read their E-Mail marketing section.